Boys or girls 4th grade through 8th grade are called to this ministry.  Depending on which Mass they serve, they could be on every 3-5 weeks.  We ask that they state a first and second preference for Mass time.   Contact: Ministry Center

Catholic people who have been Baptized, Confirmed and received First Communion, who are 16 years of age are eligible for this ministry.  This is a wonderful way to share in the Body of Christ, which could also lead to bringing communion to the homebound.
Contact person:  Diana Jenkins

LECTOR (210)
People who would like to proclaim the Word of God are encouraged to join this ministry.  Depending on the Mass you proclaim the word, you might be on every 5-7 weeks.   Contact person:  Diana Jenkins

These people of all ages are asked to greet people in a friendly manner as they enter church, help take up the collection, assist with Communion procession, find someone to bring up the gifts and distribute bulletins after Mass.  Contact person:  Mary Rasmussen

During Advent/Christmas and Lent/Easter we try to have themes depicted in art and environment plus flower arranging  Easter and Christmas.  It can be accomplished in under 2 hours with a good sized group working together.  Contact person: Judy Kruzicevich