Buildings & Grounds

The church needs more intense cleaning a couple times a year before major seasons to remove gum from under pews or clean some parts more thoroughly.  Contact person: Beverly Santeler

Each summer we need to trim the bushes and tend to our church grounds.  This is usually done on a Saturday morning 9-noon.  Contact person:  Don Smith

We need people to help water the flowers three times a week in the summer to keep our flower beds looking so good.   Contact person:  Irene Pasminski

Each year there are a few things we can clean up or paint to keep our grounds looking well.  This would also be one on a Saturday morning.  Contact person: Don Smith

Pastoral Council


Rosemary Martin
Deb Bryne
Sue Smith
Matt Kirchner
Lou Szczap
Jerry Shields
Maria Perri
Alavro Colin
Amador Gonzalez
Maria Angelica Gonzalez
Violeta Gonzalez
Ivon Cano
Teddi Salas